wapda on going projects


  1. Lower Indus Right Irrigation & Drinage Project (RBOD-I)

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  2. Balochistan Effluent Disposal into RBOD-III)


  3. Dawart Dam, Jamshro

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  4. Gomal Zam Dam (17MW) (South Waziristan)
  5. Kachhi Canal Project

    Complete lining at RDCompleted Hill Torrent X-drainage StructureHead Regulator KCPKC-6A 2RPicture1RD 1049RD 1094+555Triming workx-regulator RD 1109

  6. Kurram Tangi Dam, Kaitu Weir, North Waziristan
  7. Mohmand Dam Project (Detailed Engineering Design), Mohmand Agency, FATA
  8. Nai Gaj Project, Dadu
  9. Naulong Storage Dam Project
  10. Rainee Canal Project

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  11. Raising of Mangla Dam Project
  12. Remedial Measurs to Control Waterlogging due to Muzaffargarh and TP Link Canal

    173+500RD 173+700

    RD 174+400RD 174+500


  13. Research Studies on Drinage, Land Reclamation, Water Management & Usse of Drinage Water
  14. Satpara Dam
  15. Winder Dam Project
  16. Golen Gol Hydro Power Project
  17. Tarbela 5th Extension Hp (1,410 Mw)
  18. Hydro Power Training Institute (Hpti) Mangla
  19. Warsak Hydroelectric Power Station 2nd Rehabilitation Project
  20. Dasu Hydropower Project
  21. Diamer Basha Dam Project