Tarbela 5th Extension Hp (1,410 Mw)



Pakistan is blessed with plenty of hydropower potential, estimated as 60,000 MW which could be economically harnessed. The current level of electricity generation indicates that hydropower potential has not been fully exploited. All the untapped hydro potential of large scale is located in Northern Areas and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province. However, the Government of Pakistan (GOP) is determined now to explore all possible means to increase the electricity generation including hydropower energy.

Tarbela Dam Project is located on the Indus River 110 km from Islamabad and falls under the jurisdiction of District Swabi and Haripur, Khyber Pukhtunkhwa province. Left bank irrigation tunnel, T-5 was constructed under Tarbela Dam Project, to provide a low level outlet for additional irrigation supplies when Tarbela reservoir is at low level. To meet increasing demand and to provide sustainable hydropower the conversion of tunnel 5 from irrigation tunnel to power tunnel has been necessitated. The annual energy generation from T5 project will be 1810 GWh.


Sustainable development of infrastructure to generate 1,410 MW Hydel Energy from existing Tunnel 5 without affecting irrigation releases. The scope of the project includes construction of new raised Intake Structure, Powerhouse and Installation of 03 No generating units having 470 MW capacity each.


Approved PC-I cost 82,361.6 Million PKR
Source of Financing World Bank + AIIB = 70,142.3 Million PKR (85%)
  WAPDA = 11,277 Million PKR (14%)
  NTDC = 942.3 Million PKR (1%)
Date of Commencement 16.01.2017
Date of Completion 16.01.2021
Capacity 1,410 MW
Generating Units 3 x 470MW
Annual Energy Generation 1,810 GWh
Design Discharge 1,385m3/s
Annual Capacity Factor 15%
EIRR 15 ~ 36%
Project Benefits US$ 134 Million/ year
Implementation Period 48 Months (2017-2021)

History of Approval

  • PC-I of the project amounting to Rs. 82,361.60 Million has been approved by ECNEC in meeting held on 20.12.2016.
  • Administrative approval conveyed by Ministry of Water Resources on 16.01.2017.

Expenditure incurred so far

  • The project has incurred Rs. 24 Million up to April, 2018.

Details of Loans

  • Two Loan agreements amounting to USD Millions 390 and 300 were signed with World Bank and Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) respectively on 18.01.2017.
  • After completing all documents World Bank and AIIB loans have become effective w.e.f 11.08.2017.
  • Two Designated Accounts for utilization of World Bank and AIIB loans have been opened on 28.07.2017 with National Bank of Pakistan.

Physical Progress

  • Procurement process for hiring consultancy services is under process. Request For Proposal (RFP) were issued to the shortlisted consultants on 16.01.2018. Accordingly the proposals received on 13.03.2018 and the Technical evaluation is under process.