Warsak Hydroelectric Power Station 2nd Rehabilitation Project



Warsak Dam/Hydroelectric Power Station on River Kabul is located in Khyber/ Mohmand Agencies, 30 Km from the city of Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkwa. The project was financed by the Canadian Government under Colombo Plan. The First Phase completed in 1960-61 consisted of Dam, Irrigation tunnels, four generating units, each of 40 MW (total 160 MW), 132 KV switchyard and transmission lines. In the Second Phase (1980-81), two more units of 41.48 MW each were added, the total capacity thus raised to 242.96 MW (say 243 MW). The Dam has almost silted up and the Power Station is now practically operating as run-of-river.

First Rehabilitation Project (1996 – 2006)

Phase-I Rehabilitation was carried out due to two major reasons, firstly Structural deformation due to Alkali Aggregate Reaction (AAR) and secondly, severe erosion of the hydraulic equipment due to abrasive nature of silt carried in the Kabul River. Governments of Pakistan and Canada jointly carried out the Rehabilitation Project under CIDA Grant of  CD 27 million during 1996~2006. As a result of the rehabilitation works completed in this phase, the Civil Structures became stable, besides, the reduced capacity of Power Station increased from 150 MW to about 220 MW.

Second Rehabilitation Project (Planned)

The aging problems of E&M equipment aggravated further with the passage of time, resulting in consequently the generating capacity reduced to 193 MW and reliability of the station also reduced. Second (2nd) Rehabilitation of Warsak Hydroelectric Power was planned with the objective to overcome the aging problems, regain the capacity loss of 50 MW with reliable annual energy generation of 1,144 GWh (169 GWh additional), upgrade and modernize the old system and achieve another life cycle of 30 to 40 years.

Contracting Strategy

Following Works will be carried out in the Rehabilitation Project:

Package I:        Trash Rack Cleaning and Handling Machine and associated Civil Works

Package II:       New wire rope Spillway hoist and associated Civil Works

Package III:      Stator Windings for Unit 3

Package IV:      Civil Works

Package V:       Powerhouse Rehabilitation Works (Turbine, Generator, Excitation & Governor System, Protection, Control & Instrumentation, Transformer, Balance of Plant)

Package VI:      Enhancement/Up gradation of Mechanical Workshop (Through EU Grant)

Package VII:     Civil Works Sediment Management Structure

Package VIII:    Climate Change Adoption Strategy (Through EU Grant)

  Project Cost: (Million PKR)


Local FEC Total
10,970.717 11,283.518 22,254.235
Completion Period: Seven (7) years.
Project Financing
AFD KFW EIB EU Grant through AFD
€ 40 Million € 40 Million € 50 Million € 4.5 Million

Present Status

  • Feasibility Study started by RSWI (Canada)-DCE (Pakistan) JV on September, 2011 completed on July, 2013.
  • Detailed Engineering Design started by RSWI (Canada)-DCE (Pakistan) JV on September, 2011 completed on August, 2016.
  • PC-I of the Project amounting to PKR 22,254.235 Million was approved by ECNEC in its meeting held on 9.7.2015. Administrative approval of the project issued by MoW&P on 27.10.2015.
  • Loan Agreements amounting to Euro 130 Million have been signed with AFD / KfW / EIB (EDPs).
  • Grant Agreement for EU Grant amounting to Euro 4.5 Million has been signed with AFD.
  • Consultancy Services for Project Management and Construction Supervision has been awarded to Warsak Rehabilitation Consultants [JV of M/s DOLSAR (lead partner), M/s COBA, M/s DMC & M/s BAK] on 10.04.2017.
  • Contract Negotiation regarding hiring of Consultancy Services for Sediment Management is in process.
  • Contract Negotiations regarding hiring of Consultancy Services for Community Development is in process.
  • Draft Bidding Documents for Heavy Mechanical Workshop, Power House Rehabilitation Works and Civil Works have been received from WRC and are under review.