Admin Wing

Admin Section:-

  1. Processing cases regarding creation of posts and other allied matters including recruitment through FPSC, and Departmental Selection Committees based on results of tests conducted by the testing services like NTS, Preparing and checking the cases of DSB and CSBetc.
  2. Processing of cases regarding Appointment/Promotion/Transfer, Payroll System
  3. Processing of cases for Promotion/Transfer/Deputation of employees.
  4. Coordinating the events like Workshops/Trainings/Seminars.
  5. Monitoring of the Performance Evaluation Systems (PER’s/ACR’s).
  6. Recruitment Rules and maintaining the service record of all employees of the Ministry
  7. Processing of cases regardingMedicals claims of officers/officials and cases of honorarium, Cash reward etc.
  8. Adherence to leave Rules, Maintenance of Attendance  Policy,Conduct , Efficiency & Discipline, Inquiries and legal cases on services matters of the Ministry

General Section

  1. Preparing the Annual Procurement Plan.
  2. Processing the whole procurement including advertisement, Prequalification of Suppliers /Contractors, Bidding process, Approval and Contract Awarding. Ensuring Vendor Redressesand Maintenance of procurement record and PPRA Rules.
  3. Management of stores/stocks and maintenance allied record in the light of GFR
  4. Maintenance of asset register & disposal of obsolete assets through public auctions.
  5. Adherence to the Staff Car Rules-1980 and Transport Monetization Policy 2011.
  6. Maintenance of vehicle log book, movement register and POL record
  7. Arrangements of official meeting of Ministry of Water Resources
  8. Coordinating to meets the requirements of Secretary and Minister.
  9. Coordinating for Infrastructure of office building.
  10. Processing of cases regarding Accommodations & Hiring cases of Office Building and employees working in this Ministry.
  11. Processing the cases relating to telephone and other utility.

Budget Section:-
Accounts Officer-I (B&F) :-

  • Re-appropriation, supplementary grant, payment of Annual Contribution for International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage (ICID), International Commission on Large Dams (ICOLD) and matters pertaining to financial advice etc.
  • To tender advice in the delegated field, where called upon.
  • To process, in accordance with the prescribed procedure, all cases relating to the non-delegated field, and matters relating to foreign exchange, and demands for supplementary Grants, which are required to be referred to the main Finance Division through the Financial Adviser
  • Further, he deals with PAC/DAC matters and reports directly to JS (Water).

Accounts Officer-II (B&F) :-

  • To prepare original budget (NISs/BOs) and misc. matters of WAPDA.
  • Compilation of the reconciliation statements of monthly expenditures, received from related units of the Ministry of Water Resources.
  • To exercise internal checks on irregularities, waste and fraud provided in para 13 of General Financial Rules, Volume-I, which reads:
    • Rules on handling and custody of cash are properly understood and applied.
    • Effective system of internal check exists for securing regularity and propriety in the various transaction’s including receipts and issue of stores etc
    • Satisfactory arrangements exist for systematic and proper maintenance of Accounts Books and other ancillary records concerned with the Initial Accounts.
  • To ensure compliance of all other rules, regulations and orders contained in the Federal Treasure Rules, General Financial Rules and instructions issued by the Finance Division from time to time.



  • All matters relating to and emanating from National Assembly and Senate pertaining to Ministry of Water Resources and its attached Departments/Organizations.
  • Submission of replies to the questions of Notional Assembly /Senate as well as reports, after getting the same approved by the Secretary / Minister.
  • Effective Coordination with his concerned officers dealing with the affairs of the standing committees of the Parliament on Water Resources, efficient and smooth convening of the meetings and follow-­up actions on the recommendations of the concerned Standing Committee.
  • Coordination with different Parliamentary Committees and arranging passes for the officers of Ministry of Water Resources / attached Departments/ Organizations into the premises of Parliament.
  • Processing approval of competent authority on briefs/ statement of replies furnished by the Departments / Organizations under the administrative control of Ministry of Water Resources - and submission of consolidated replies to NA Sectt / Senate Sectt, Audit Authorities and others.
  • All the legal matters/Court cases relating to Ministry of Water Resources and the departments / organizations under its administrative control and coordination with them in this regard.