Existing overall Structure

Existing structure of the Federal Ministry of Water Resources consists of 5 Wings ( Admin Wing, Water Wing, Hydro Power Wing, Project Wing and Finance Wing), 4 Departments (IRSAWAPDACEA/FFC and PCIW) along with Commissions (ICID, ICOLD, PANCID). Existing sanctioned strength of the Ministry is 31 employees, working strength is 26. Case for sanction of additional posts has been taken up with Finance Division.

PSDP  outlay of the Ministry for FY 2018-19 is Rs 79 Billion. It comprises 91 Development Projects as categorized bellow:
10 ongoing  Hydel Power Projects
02 new hydel Power Projects
62 ongoing Water Sector Projecs
17 new Water Sector Projects
One of these projects i.e. Programme Monitoring & Implementation Unit (PMIU) / Water Sector Capacity Building & Advisory Services Project (WCAP) is being implemented/ supervised by the Ministry.