Currently, Mangla Training Centre is the only source of providing O&M training for hydro power Engineers and technical staff. It was established in 1977 and functioning in very old building, relying upon limited resources.

WAPDA has planned to upgrade the existing training centre and proposed establishment of Hydropower Training Institute (HPTI) at Mangla with state of the art Laboratory equipment which will meet the following objectives for training of Engineers & Technical staff.

  • To enhance technical capability of the Engineers regarding the modern maintenance techniques, covering all the aspects of Hydropower Plant equipment with due emphasis on the latest technology.
  • To impart necessary training for introducing the latest computerized Maintenance Management systems at WAPDA Hydel Stations.
  • Practical orientation of Engineers and other Technical Staff through Test Laboratories, Workshops etc.
  • To get acquainted with the latest practices of Refurbishment and Rehabilitation of old Hydel Stations/ equipment.
  • To update the present operating and monitoring procedures.
  • To study various technical problems of Hydel units and their solutions through visits to different Hydropower Plants.
  • Comprehensive knowledge relating to different stages of new Hydropower Projects.

Present Status

  • PC-I for Establishment of Hydro Power Training Institute amounting to PKR 486.151 Million was approved in principle by CDWP on 29.11.2013. Planning Division issued Authorization letter on 02.12.2015. Accordingly, administrative approval from Ministry of Water & Power issued on 21st April, 2016.
  • European Union- Asian Investment Facility (EU-AIF) is providing Euro 2.5 Million grant through AFD for HPTI Project. A component of Euro 1.5 million is also provided by AFD as a part of loan for Warsak Rehabilitation Project.
  • Contract for Construction of Boundary Wall amounting to PKR 19.35 million was awarded to M/s Tenure Construction (Pvt.) Ltd, work has been completed on 04.2016.
  • Contract for Consultant’s Services for HPTI main building construction supervision amount to PKR 36.769 Million was signed with M/s NESPAK Ltd. on 26th February, 2016.
  • Contract for construction of building of Hydropower Training Institute (HPTI) Mangla amounting PKR 241.457 Million was signed with the Contractor i.e. M/s A.S Khan Construction Ltd Islamabad on 12.2016. Time for completion of the project is 24 months i.e. 11-12-2018. Physical progress 56.55%
  • Contract for Consultant’s Services to Support WAPDA in Modernization, Review & Remodeling of Training Courses & Procurement of Training Equipment for Hydropower Training Institute (HPTI) Mangla amounting to equivalent Rs 126.259 Million was signed with M/s Integration- Electra-JV on 10th February, 2018 with completion date of December, 2018.


Location: Mangla Dam / Power Station is located on River Jhelum at about 120 Km from Islamabad
Purpose: Mangla Dam is a multipurpose Project, primarily designed for Irrigation. The other by products are Power Generation, Fish Culture, Tourism and Navigation.
Up-Gradation/ Refurbishment Scheme:         There are four age groups of Mangla machines Units 1~4 (48 years), Units 5~6 (42 years), Units 7~8 (34 years) & Units 9~10 (22 years). Units1~6 with age of 40~50 years have outlived their useful lives due to which more cost and time are required for maintenance of old equipment besides less operational reliability. Some of the important aspects are:
·        Efficiency of Turbines has reduced from their designed values.
·        The Hydraulic/Mechanical Equipment have become unreliable due to aging.
·        Generator winding of existing Units 1~4 & 7~8 is of Class-B insulation whereas the latest Class-F has higher tolerance of temperature.
·        Control & Protection Equipment of old units have become obsolete and their spare components are not available for being out of production.
·         Dam life has enhanced after completion of the Dam Raising Project but the old generating units will not have life compatibility with the Dam
Feasibility Study Consultants Mangla Refurbishment Project JV (MRP JV) completed Final Feasibility Report in December, 2011 and recommended up-gradation of Mangla Power Station from 1000 to 1310 MW.
Detail of Packages Refurbishment Works has been divided into following eleven (11) packages:-
  Package I. Turbine, Generator, Governor, Excitation System units 5&6
  Package II. Refurbishment of Powerhouse Cranes
  Package III. Main Power Transformers
  Package IV. Turbine Inlet valves units 1~6
  Package V. Balance of Plant Mechanical
  Package VI. Balance of Plant Electrical
  Package VII. Turbines, Generator, Governor, Excitation System units 1~4
  Package VIII. Plant Control and Protection
  Package IX. Switchyard Control and Protection system
  Package X. Turbine, Generator, Governor, Excitation System units 7 & 8
  Package XI. Turbine, Generator, Governor, Excitation System units9 &10
Project Financing The Construction Cost is estimated to be US$ 483.56 million.
  Units 5&6, Turbine Inlet Valve, Plant Control &Protection, Switchyard Control & Protection and Balance of Plant Electrical & Mechanical USAID grant USD 150 million
  Units 1~4 AFD France loan € 90 M USD 95 million
  Units 7~10 Loan (not yet identified) USD 111 million
  Remaining WAPDA’s own resources USD 127 million
Present Status
  • PC-I
  • PC-I amounting to PKR 52,224.31 million (US$ 483.56 million, with IDC) was approved by ECNEC on 31-12-2013.
  • Project Financing
  • Project Implementation Letter (PIL) with USAID for the grant of USD 72 million (out of total USD 150 million) was signed on 06-03-2014.
  • Credit Facility Agreement (CFA) amounting to € 90 million has been signed on 20.7.2017 between AFD France, GoP and WAPDA
  • Package-I&VII (Turbine, Generator, Governor & Exciter of units 1~6)

    Contract was awarded to lowest Evaluated responsive Bidder (M/s Alstom Hydro France) on         29-8-2016 amounting to PKR 10.8 billion. Contractor has mobilized to site and dismantling is in process.

  • Package-II (Power House Cranes Refurbishment)

Contract was awarded to M/s Zirva-ISIK-Petrocon JV on 10-11-2015. Refurbishment Works has been completed. Taking Over Certificate (TOC) is in process.

  • Package-III-a (Main Power Transformers units 3~6)

Contract was awarded to M/s Chint, China on 11-3-2016 amounting to USD 5.245 million. Transformers has been received at site.

  • Package IV-a (Supply of Turbine Inlet Valves)

Contract was awarded to M/s Kokusai Commerce Co. Ltd. Japan [nominated Contractor of Hitachi-Mitsubishi Corporation Hydro, Japan, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)] on 11.3.2016 amounting to USD 5.81 million. Major equipment has been received at site.

  • Package-V; Balance of Plant Mechanical

Bids opened on 19.10.2017 and are under Evaluation.

  • Package-VI+VIII (Balance of Plant Electrical Works & Plant Control systems)

Bids opened on 5.10.2017 and are under Evaluation.

  • Package-IX (Switchyard)

Bids opened on 12.9.2017 and are under Evaluation.

  • Hiring of Consultants for Construction Supervision

Contract for Consultancy Services to carry out Supervision for Up-gradation and
Refurbishment of generating units (1~6) of Mangla Power Station was awarded to M/s MWH (USA); M/s NESPAK (Pak); M/s ACE (Pak) JV on 30.10.2017. Consultants have been mobilized to site.