Functions of Water Wing:

  1. Operational matters relating to WAPDA, IRSA, CEA/CFFC and PCIW
  2. Water Apportionment Accord
  3. Matter relating to:
    1. Trans-Border, International Water Issue
    2. Indus Water Treaty 1960
  4. Complaints/public grievances related to water sector.
  5. Matter relating to drinking water throughout the country.
  6. Coordination of National Water Policy.
  7. Matter relating to all completed Water Sector Projects.
  8. Matter relating to all Dams, Drainage, Irrigation system/Canals their rehabilitation and issues.
  9. Coordination with Provincial Governments for financing, execution of Hydropower Sector Projects.
  10. Monitoring and coordination of all Hydropower Projects.
  11. All matter relating to processing of plan (annual, short, medium and long term), PC-Is and PC-IIs, concept clearance through DDWP, CDWP, ECNEC etc.
  12. Monitoring reports of all Water Sector Projects.

Sections of Water Wing:

Water Section
Development Water Section 
Planning & Development Section 
Hydro Power Section