Ministry of Water Resources, created on August 04, 2017 through bifurcation of the erstwhile Ministry of Water & Power, has been able to finalize a number of projects as detailed below:

  1. Projects under approval

Ministry of Water Resources has submitted following projects, relating to Conservation of Water Resources, to Planning Development & Reform Division for approval:

1. PC-I Mohmand Dam Hydropower Project (Estimated Cost 305,605.66 Million)
2. PC-I for Construction of 200 Small Check Dams for Ground Water Recharge in Quetta District (Estimated Cost Rs 300.0 Million)
3. PC-I for Construction of 200 Dams in District Killah Abdullah (Estimated Cost Rs 3816.00 Million)
4 Construction of Small Dam at Aghberg Area District Quetta (E/Cost Rs 150 Million)
5 Construction of Bhund Aro Storage Dam Anjira Zehri Area District Khuzdar (Estimated Cost Rs 400.00 Million)
6 Construction of Bohir Mas Storage Dam Tehsil Wadh District  Khuzdar (Estimate Cost Rs.89.780 million)
7 Construction of Aree Chur Gravity Dam Rarkan Area District Barkhan (Estimated Cost Rs 49.470 Million)
8 PC-I for Construction of Dosi Dam Project Pasni Area Gwadar (Estimated Cost Rs 499.898 Million)
9 PC-I for Construction of Garrh Storage Dam Tehsil Wadh District Khuzdar (Estimated Cost Rs 462.160 Million)
10 Construction of Kangori-II Storage Dam Shah Noorani Area Tehsil Wadh District Khuzdart Khuzdar (Estimate Cost Rs. 95.350 Million)
11 Construction of Khaisar Patti Delay Action Dam District Nushki Under Federal PSDP 2017-18 (Estimated Cost Rs 114.770 Million)
12 Construction of Khazeena Dam (Solan Darga) District Musakhel Balochistan (E/Cost Rs 300.00 Million)
13 Construction of Rako Delay Action Dam District Nushki (Estimated Cost Rs 50.65 Million)
14 Construction of Spidar Delay Action Dam in Kach Amackzai Area District Loralai (Estimated Cost Rs 11.600 Million)
15 Construction of Delay Action Dam Tarkh Roudh Chap Area District Musa Khel (Estimated Cost Rs 80.00 Million)
16 Construction of Tuk Storage Dam Tehsil Wadh District Khuzdar (Estimated Cost Rs 226.460 Million)
17 Construction of Wakram Rabat Dam Distict Loralai (Estimated Cost Rs 362.857 Million)
18. PC-II Proforma of Murunj Dam Project for Feasibility Study, Detailed Engineering Design & Preparation of Tender Documents
19. PC-II Proforma for Feasibility Study of Bhimber Dam Project Azad Jammu Kashmir (Estimated Cost Rs. 121.128 million)
20. PC-II for Feasibility Study and Detailed Design of Baber Kach Dam on Nari River
21. Badinzai Dam Project-PC-II Proforma for Feasibility Study, Detailed Engineering Design, Preparation of Tender Documents & PC-I
22. PC-II for Construction of Burj Aziz Dam Federal PSDP 2017

18 (Estimated Cost Rs 67.047 Million)

23. PC-II for Feasibility Study of Halak Storage Dam (Esimated Cost Rs 39.646 Million)
24. PC-II Proforma for Feasibility Study, Detailed Engineering Design, Preparation of Tender Documents  & PC-I Of Sukleji Dam Project (Site-C)
  1. Projects Got Approved for execution

Following two projects have been got approved from Planning Commission:-

  1. PC-I of Construction of five (05) Nos Small Dams and Weirs on the Nais Originating from Quba Qadir Bux to Ubhan Shah Hills in Sukkur & Khairpur, Estimated Cost Rs 948.950 million.
  2. PC-I of Raising of Baran Dam, Bannu in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (Estimated Cost Rs 5156.331 Million)
  1. Project already in Pipeline

Since creation of the M/o Water Resources, following projects are being followed up for approval and arrangement of financing by GoP/International Donors Agencies like the World Bank and Asian Development Bank:

  1. Diamer Bhasha Dam Project
  2. National Flood Protection Plan-IV (NFPP-IV)
  3. Projects completed after creation of the Ministry on August 04, 2017

Completion of Tarbela-4 HPP
Neelam Jhelum HPP